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Hundreds of the top names in e-commerce are
using Rangespan to launch new products today


Rangespan enables us to experiment with range at much greater speed and scale. Integrating a new dropship vendor used to take us many hours work - now it's virtually zero.


Even at early stages, we're seeing up to 50% incremental sales in some subcategories. In Headphones, for example, we've learned of 3 new brands really resonate with customers


We control what's important, like price and ranging decisions, but get to automate the data handling work that would otherwise slow us down and lead to missed opportunities.

Dave Wood

Commercial Director, eBuyer

Why are a growing number of retailers –
large and small – launching with Rangespan?

Ramp up faster

Rangespan will help you to integrate several hundred new suppliers each year rather than just a few.

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Avoid fixed costs

Up to 75% cheaper than integrating & managing drop ship suppliers directly.

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Discover new hits

Market analytics & range experimentation enable faster discovery of popular products.

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Curate at scale

Benchmarking data & powerful feature set, to enable buyers to evaluate 1000's of products instantly.

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Deeper market view

With millions of branded products online it's impossible to keep track of them all. Until now.

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Easy implementation

CSV feeds, web interface & a clearly documented API. Retailers can integrate and launch in 3-4 weeks.

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